Forum Title: replace glass and repair window? or whole new window needed?
had a large limb crash through my home window last night. must have been all the heavy snow here. its the middle of a triple window unit (not sure that's the correct terminology but the photo tells the story). so was hoping to just get some new glass dropped in by a mobile glass place. already have some calls in. the glass looks to be 28 x 33.5. only top half of the double paned window glass broke. bottom sash's glass is ok. that that I cleared the branches I can see the jamb or casing (again maybe not the right terms here - the plastic/vinyl parts the window slides up and down on...and the wood frame it fits into) on the bottom half only (the side parts on top half are fine) is smashed. so even though glass is ok up there...I wonder if I may end up having to replace the whole window. or if I can drop the glass in and get the crack in the wood frame fixed and the plastic parts replaced? photos attached. and then if I do have the replace the whole window unit....since its part of a triple window unit....can I just do the middle? or whole unit has to be done? thanks everyone.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: brent hartwick (Kokomo, IN), 01/06/2019

Welcome to the forums Ricky! I'm not sure exactly what you are asking is it the door weatherstripping that needs to be replaced or are you getting a draft around the side lites? Redoing the caulking is about all you can do with the sidelites.

- JAVIER PARK (Youngstown, OH), 03/04/2019

thanks for the reply. I don't see any stamp or sticker or mark of any sort. glass places all asked the same thing. I looked all around. I know that doesn't help....

- SETH FIGUEROA (Bethlehem, PA), 02/28/2019

Look on the aluminum spacer (between the panes of glass) for anything etched. It's not common for mfg to put something there but also not unheard of. Check the lower corners of the glass for an etching. Maybe show us a closeup picture of the lock and handle.

- ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 03/04/2019

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