Forum Title: Estimated cost to frame & install new window
New Home is in Myrtle Beach, SC area, we use as vacation home & just purchased new this past summer. Like to add a std. double-hung window in corner of Kitchen where there are no cabinets. All electrical is running in lower half of wall, we did pre-sheetrock walk-through in July. We need hole framed out + cleaned up outside. Exterior is Vinyl siding and nothing present on outside of home to interfere. Excluding cost of window, about how much should I expect in labor & materials?? Window size will probably be 30-36 wide and 38-42 high. thanks a lot, Tom
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 01/16/2019

No...not WD40. It won't last and is not a true lubricant. Maybe a silicone spray or even paraffin wax, but if you are in an apartment, call the darn management.

- Allan G. (Austin, TX), 02/16/2019

Depends on how finished the job needs to be. Does this include all materials, and will the window be trimmed inside and out? Or no trim outside... just replace the siding around the window? If I was doing it I would probably bid it at $500... assuming no more than $100 in materials and a good part of the day just to get out there, get set up, do the work, get cleaned up and get back home. But as one of our members loves to point out, prices vary depending on your location, so you really should be getting local estimates. If contractors there charge $60/hr then my estimate would be way low. On the other hand, if you can find a handyman that could work for much less, that would probably be a good deal... provided he's not a fly-by-night kind of guy, knows how to put in a header and the work he does is up to code.

- RON VAUGHN (Boulder, CO), 02/04/2019

If you want to save money, do not tell contractor you can afford a vacation home in SC. Just joking.... If drywall is not installed inside, that helps to install a header relatively easy. But if exterior siding is installed, the problem will be proper flashing of window. Quite a bit of siding may need to be removed and reinstalled. Others here may have a better option. I would recommend discussing flashing with contractor, get an honest bid and then check back for opinions. The new window will create all kinds of headaches without proper flashing.

- LORRAINE DAY (Kirkland, WA), 02/26/2019

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