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Several of my upstairs doors have a similar problem but to different degrees. They don't fully evenly meet at the jam and two require pushing to fully shut. My bathroom door is the worst. The top of the door is 1/2 out of the jam on the latch side with the door fully closed. The bottom is flush against the jam. My daughters doors is the opposite, but only about 1/4 out at the bottom. With a level I ran along the interior of the jam and it appears to be level all the way around. How can I make these doors close correctly?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VANESSA CALDWELL (Fort Myers, FL), 01/04/2019

Assuming that the contact is even top to bottom, yes, that is correct. The vinyl seals are new and need to form to the door. If the contact is not even top to bottom, adjust the rollers at bottom/top.

- LEO BREWER (Newark, OH), 02/08/2019

These doors only have top and bottom hinges and I don't see any play in the hinges. Also the doors aren't catching anywhere just almost like the door is warped, but I am wondering if the jam somewhere has shifted. It appears straight and level, but that could just be placebo.

- AARON BROOKS (Des Moines, IA), 02/12/2019

How long a level are you using?

- HILDA GRIFFITH (San Ramon, CA), 02/16/2019

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